How do I get free Domain Name Registration?

When signing up for a hosting account, you are eligible for a free domain name registration: that means you can register the primary domain of your account for free at Netholistic. The renewal of such a primary domain, registered by Netholistic, will be free for as long as you keep your hosting account with us.

The primary domain name is the one you specify when signing up for an account. If you already own the domain name you have signed up and want to transfer that domain to Netholistic, you will need to pay $14.95 for the domain transfer. The primary domain of an account that was transferred from another Registrar will get its registration extended with 1 year upon transfer, but will not be renewed for free afterwards.

Please note that only the registration of the primary domain name is free: any other domain name registration is paid and has to be ordered through your Customer's area.

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