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This tutorial applies for Microsoft® FrontPage 2003 version.

After opening your website in FrontPage, please go to File menu and select the Publish Site option:

A dialog box would open at the center of the screen. You will be asked to select the uploading protocol and enter the address of the web space you would like to upload to. Please select the FrontPage or SharePoint services option, and type in the domain name, associated with your SiteGround account:

This version of FrontPage automatically finds out that you need to upload to the web root directory. If you would like to upload to a different directory (a subdomain, an addon domain, etc.), please add a trailing slash after the domain name, and type in the name of the folder you wish to upload to (e.g. www.yourdomain.com/folder).

For subdomains or addon domains please use


instead of


Please note that you would need to create these directories in advance, using cPanel's File Manager.

After you are done entering the address, please click OK. You will be prompted to provide the username and the password to allow FrontPage connect to the server. Please use your cPanel username and password.

After the connection has been established, the following or similar window will appear:

The window on the left side displays the website files on your local computer. The right-hand one shows the files that are on the server.

In order to upload, please select the files from your local machine, and right click on the selection. From the menu that appears, please select the Publish Selected Files option.

A small box, similar to the one below will appear. It will be displayed while connection is being established and the files are copied.

The disappearance of the box signifies that the file upload has been completed.

Important notice: Please do not use the FTP option for file upload through FrontPage - the FrontPage extensions on your account may be damaged and not work properly, thus disallowing you to upload files.

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