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Create a site with GoLive and save it to your local PC.

In Adobe GoLive, please click on the File menu and select Open:

Choose the site that you wish to upload:

You will see all the files of your site in a window similar to this one:

Please right click on any of the files in the left pane. Choose Publish server and then Connect.

You will be notified that 'The current site does not have an active server. Please set one'. Please click OK and choose Add server:

Now click on New:

Nickname: the name can be arbitrary, as it does not affect the connection to the server.

Protocol: FTP

Server: please note that this should be your domain name (e.g. If you have registered it or changed its DNS settings in less than 48 hours, please use the server IP address, found in your Customer Area, in the Account Management section. An IP address looks like

Directory: www

Username: Your cPanel username.

Password: Your cPanel password.

Please check the Use Passive Mode option.

Please click OK and wait for a while - GoLive is connecting to your server.

You will see a screen similar to the one below. In the left section are the files on your PC, and in the right section is the www folder on your hosting account. The www folder is the place where you need to place your online content in order it to be visible to your visitors. Your home page has to be named either index.html, index.htm or index.php.

Simply drag-and-drop the files to move the files between your PC and the server.

Here is how the uploaded window looks:

You can now preview your site at, or at http://yourIP/~your_cpanel_username

In order to edit your online content, please follow the instructions below.

Open the site on your local PC. Click on any of the files in the left pane, choose Publish server and then Connect. Make sure that the server for this site is checked.

Now you can edit your existing online contents.

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