Fully Managed CDN Solution

Our fully managed CDN solution ensures that your website is routed through an intelligent global network that we regularly optimize to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your web pages to your visitors. We also secure your site from threats and limit abusers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources.
  • Basic CDN - Fully Managed Global CDN

    $75.00 Setup Fee
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    • - Fast Site Performance
      - Broad Security Protection
      - Ideal For Small To Medium Sites
  • High Demand Global CDN - Advantage CDN

    $150.00 Setup Fee
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    • - Faster Site Performance (High Priority)
      - Advanced Security Protection
      - Ideal For High Traffic And Custom Sites
  • Customized, Dedicated SLA - Ultimate CDN

    $350.00 Setup Fee
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    • - 24/7 Dedicated Support Team
      - Premium Global Dedicated Connectivity
      - Ideal For Ecomerce Corporations